About Optima Sport

About Optima Sport

Who is behind Optima Sport

Optima Sport was started by Heine Toft Kristiansen and Kasper Juhl Rugholm. Today, Optima sport is owned by Kasper Juhl Rugholm.



"I have done triathlons and often experience heavy legs after training. As a family man with two children and a full-time job to look after, there is no time to lie on the sofa and relax between my training sessions.

Therefore, I set out to investigate what could help me recover faster and it was of course absolutely crucial that it should happen naturally and on the body's terms. I found the solution in recovery boots.

In my research, I found out that for many years hospitals have been using recovery boots for patients who have problems with blood circulation in the legs. If you can use them in healthcare industry to treat and cure patients, then it must also be possible to use them for the recovery of my heavy legs also.

We started looking around the world for a company that could manufacture recovery boots for us, and quickly managed to find a business partner with the same quality requirements that we have."

Short about Kasper: Born: 1977 Education: Cand.merc Married to Charlotte, has 2 sons and lives in Vejle Leisure: Cycling, running and strength training.

Why should you shop at Optima Sport?

  • Fast delevery.
  • 7 day free trial for our Recovery Boots.
  • Price match.
  • Quality at a reasonable price.
  • Good customer service and competent advice.

Vi vill att du ska vara nöjd när du handlar hos oss och att våra recoveryboots är rätt val för dig, därför erbjuder vi en 10 dagars provperiod där du kan prova stövlarna. Om de mot förmodan inte är något för dig skickar du helt enkelt tillbaka dem till oss

In addition, we want to provide quality products at good prices. This means that you can find a product with the same specifications elsewhere and we will give you this price and a 5% discount on it.


Optima Sport was established to give a competitive advantage to the world’s athletes, sportsmen and sportswomen, and coaches. Our goal is to make active recovery an integral part of any training. We know how many hours you put into your training and we want you to get the full benefit. It is during recovery that the body becomes stronger, so this part is just as important as the hard workout.


Our Recovery Boots help you to:

  • Recover after your hard workout.
  • Prevent heavy legs.
  • Prevent injury.
  • Make your injury periods shorter.

The effect of Recovery Boots

Compression of your legs and lymph nodes provides an increased circulation of blood and eliminates swelling and pain. This allows you to prevent injuries and repa dig snabbare efter skadeperioder.


Sportmassage hjälper dig att slappna av före din träning så att du slipper “tunga ben”. Efter din träning kan sportmassagen hjälpa dig att snabbare få krafterna tillbaka recover faster after a period with injury.

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