Optima Sport was established to give a competitive advantage to the world’s athletes, sportsmen and sportswomen, and coaches. Our goal is to make active recovery an integral part of any training. We know how many hours you put into your training and we want you to get the full benefit. It is during recovery that the body becomes stronger, so this part is just as important as the hard workout.

Our recovery boots help you to:

  • Recover after your hard workout.
  • Prevent heavy legs.
  • Prevent injury.
  • Make your injury periods shorter.

Compression of your legs and lymph nodes provides an increased circulation of blood and eliminates swelling and pain. This allows you to prevent injuries and recover faster after a period with injury.


Sports Massage helps you to loosen up before your workouts, so you avoid “heavy legs”. After your workout, the sports massage can help you recover faster or your next training session.


We want you to be satisfied when you shop with us and that our recovery boots are the right choice for you. We therefore offer a 7-day trial period, where you can try the boots. If, contrary to expectations, they are not right for you, simply return them to us — we will pay the shipping costs. We also offer you a 24-month warranty for BTC customers (6 months for BTB), if your recovery boots should unexpectedly break.

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