Good product at half the price of the top brand

Ordered a pair of k8’s and received it within a day or two. Extremely happy with them. Was getting very stiff in the legs due to training For an ultra and working on a farm, but after using these every night for the last week, I’ve notice my legs are a bit fresher and have hardly any stiffness in my legs when I get up in the morning.

Had a slight issue with one of the pipes that go into the chambers popping off but noticed it wasn’t quite in line with the others, but sorted that out pretty quick and all works great.

Best recovery boots

sometimes a volleyball player needs something that integrates the intervention of his physiotherapist. Training twice a day, every day, often makes recovery difficult. after long market research, I decided to rely on Optima sport and it was the best choice I could make. Easy to use, with multiple programs capable of responding to different recovery needs and above all they are comfortable because they can be used while watching TV or working on the PC.

Daily Recovery helps me train at my best

the recovery boots have become a religious part of my daily regime.. i will put them on for 20-30min a day, and if i need to work i can use the laptop on the couch whilst getting a massage, or if i need to nap then i just put them on whilst laying in bed or the couch.. they are brilliant, and i love how many options of different massage types and pressures i get to choose from, as well as durations depending on my availability each day.

Thanks for making them!!

Ideal system to recovery your legs…

Ideal system to recovery your legs after hard training or relax your body after hard day, easy to use and pack, 100% recommendable.