PurePower electrolyte tablets with berry flavor – pack of 8 tubes

No artificial colors, no aspartame. Here you get a more natural electrolyte tablet. PurePower has listened to you advice from athletes and developed a product that is more natural than its predecessor. Therefore, we have removed the sweetener aspartame and the artificial colors and replaced it with sucralose and beetroot powder.

These hydro tablets allow you to easily and conveniently mix your own sports drink. Each tablet contains vitamins and minerals (electrolytes). The tablets dissolves easily in water and gives a fresh taste of red berries.
If your sports drink is not strong enough, then you can throw an extra Hydro loss into your water bottle.

Each tube contains 20 electrolyte tablets. Pack of 8 tubes.

You need electrolyte loss because:

  • Electrolytes: Has a rehydrating effect.
  • Magnesium: Reduces the risk of seizures.
  • Vitamin B6: The vitamin plays a key role in the formation of red blood cells, and it helps to increase the amount of oxygen that hemoglobin carries around the body.
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    Ingredients: Oats 30%, caramel frosting 18% (sugar, palm and rapeseed oil, glucose, syrup, water, skimmed milk powder, dye: E150c, emulsifiers: E492; E471, salt, aroma, preservative: E202), golden syrup 12 peanut (roasted peanuts, vegetable margarine (palm and rapeseed oil, water, salty natural aroma), demerara sugar, peanuts 3%. may contain traces of nuts, eggs and soy Applications: One hour before training or during a longer training session / competition. General info: Mild taste with a soft consistency.
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